Travelling Salesman Radio Hour

w/ host Ron Leary  - CJAM 99.1 FM MONDAYS 5-6 pm


EP 002 (Jan 29, 2018)

1. Wilderness of Manitoba “Safe From Sin” Across the Dark

2. Cut Worms “Song of the Highest Tower” Alien Sunset

3. Longhorne Slim “Zombie” Lost at Last Vol. 1

4. The Luxemburg Signal “Blue Field” Blue Field

5. Amelia Curran “Every Woman Every Man” Watershed

6. Ron Hynes “Man of A Thousand Songs” Cryer’s Paradise

7. Sherry Ryan “Stop the Trains (Feat. Flower Hill)” single

8. Max Marshall (live in studio) “Yellow Knife”

9. Max Marshall (live in studio) “ I See the Light On the Rise”

10. Max Marshall (live in studio) “Do You Gotta Do”

11. Derek Harrison “Sight From Sound” Blossington

12. Tara Watts “By My Side” Pale Blue Moon

13. Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine “Push Pin Jane” Tennessee Beach


EP 001 (Jan 22, 2018)

1. Big Thief “Shark Smile” Capacity

2. Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine “My Best Girl” Tennessee Beach

3. James O-L & the Villains “The West End” Wild Goose Jack

4. Diane Motel “Okemah” Lonesome For the Colour

5. Poor Player “No Police in Paradise (Please!)” High Holy Hills

6. Flower Face “Raphael” Fever Dreams

7. Jay Clark and the Jones “River Street Bridge” Blue Cholera

8. Mike Galbraith (live in studio) “Size of California”

9. Mike Galbraith (live in studio) “Oh Corrina”

10. Mike Galbraith (live in studio) “Newbie”

11. The Codgers “Blue Angels” Lichfield

12. Phosporescent “Reasons to Quit” To Willie

13. The Brandy Alexanders “Anastasia” The Brandy Alexanders