Tobacco Fields (2017)

by Ron Leary

1. I Was Born
2. Baby I'm No Good
3. Your Eyes
4. These Arms
5. Down At the Bar
6. Can't Get By
7. Tattooed Lady
8. Music Is God
9. Ballad of Bob Probert
10. To Living

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Dependent Arising (2010)

by Ron Leary

1. Long Lost Love
2. Communist Cafe
3. Miles
4. That Guy
5. The New Girl Who's Causing A Stir
6. Down the Highway (part ii)
7. See This Through
8. For the Woman
9. Sitting On A Bench
10. Legacy

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Road Cover.jpg

theroadinbetween (2006)

by Ron Leary

i. years
ii. turn
iii. sweet valentine
iv. hey, hey!
v. old fashioned morphine
vi. you've got it all wrong
vii. the end
viii. long, long day
ix. the road in between
x. pick it up

Lapse front cover.jpg

Lapse EP (2002)

by Ron Leary

1. Everyday I Think of You
2. Hey, Hey!
3. Last Night
4. Home
5. Nothing's Right
6. All You Do

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